BAYROCA manufacture and offer different types of Stone products made by glass:

  • *Recycled Glass (large pieces recycled glass >50%) –it’s mainly pressed;

  • *Nano Crystal Glass –it’s made by heat-melt craft.


Both materials are hard surface with the characters as belows:

  • *Scratch and stain resistant

  • *Heat resistant

  • *Hard and durable

  • *Nonporous

  • *No sealing needed.





The world The world is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, that leads to many recycled products made and step into our life style.

Our Recycled Glass are made of mainly recycled materials like glass bottle, industrial glass, porcelain and add some shell, pigments and so on, and then press with heavy machines to make into slabs for cut to size.

We have made some colors for some projects in USA, here are some reference:




The material or called Nano Glass is made under high temperature with heat-melt craft, it is suitable for  countertops and also be used for walls, floors, windowsills, sinks and tabletops. Nano glass is much harder than ordinary glass  – it scores from 6.0 to 7.0 on Mohs hardness, and it has a compression strength rating of 400 MPa, a flexural strength rating of 82 MPa and a rupture strength rating of 35 MPa.

 It’s mostly used by pure white color, also can be available for marble looking colors with 3D-inkjet printing on the surface. Adding the nano material and technology makes it easier to cut and shaping, besides the countertops, the nano glass is also made into sinks, column etc..