Many quartz manufacturers and fabricators do not like to process the black quartz countertops. They would suggest to use black granite. Why ? Because the black quartz slabs are hard to keep uniformity and purity during production, and also easy to bring imprinting during fabrication of countertops.
We Bayroca do not have this concern! As an experienced quartz manufacturer and countertops fabricator in China, we began our quartz production journey since 2009. We master know-how on the black quartz slabs manufacturing and countertops fabrication.
Not only the basic Sparkle Black quartz, we manufacture pure black quartz slabs and countertops with high quality.
See the closeup view picture below, the quality of edge finish and surface presents very clean at high standard.
The black quartz countertops are the best match to be with white cabinets. It’s the simplest but also the most classical style.
Market is looking for some new things. Yes, the black quartz with white veins are liked. The Silestone Et Noir is the best example as the hot spot in the market.
We have been supplying a few multifamily projects using this color. The Black quartz with white veins makes the countertops looking more active, and the golden veins inside of the wider white veins put this color into a higher end!
A black quartz countertop should match black porcelain sink for the bathroom. Yes, we do supply black porcelain sinks. See how beautiful they are assembled!
Here are more pictures of kitchen countertops by this black quartz with white veins for the project.
Not Black but prefer white quartz countertops ? Check the link.