When you have multifamily or hospitality projects wanting to use cheapest quartz countertops, as you have already known the quartz is a durable materials with stain resistant, but the budget is narrow, you would have no idea if the fund suits for quartz countertops.

Bayroca quartz is the quartz surface solution provider of quartz kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. In this case with narrow budget, Here are some tips that can help you to save costs.

LEVEL I quartz

Firstly, you should go with Level I quartz countertops –using the most affordable and cheapest quartz. Check the colors at “BUILDERS CHOICE” at COLLECTION page.They are normally with visible clear grains, whatever if the grains are quartz grains or glass grains.

You may prefer some colors with smaller grains than above two colors, see below a comparison picture. The Pure White BR1001 and BR1002 have grains with not big size difference, but the BR1002 (Level I quartz color) is 20% cheaper than BR1002 (Level II quartz color).

Well, your projects do not match the white quartz countertops but other colors. Let’s go Black or Grey Quartz Countertops ! All colors with clear grains are of same LEVEL I quartz pricings –the cheapest level.



Secondly, you should use 3/4”(20mm) thick but not 1-1/4” (30mm) thick quartz countertops. Quartz is a compact hard surface material without any porous holes, the density is 2400 kgs/m3. The 20mm thick quartz countertops could bear for kitchen countertops and islands’ function. In the west coast of USA, the 3/4” (20mm) thick quartz countertops are used widely.

Do NOT use 30mm (1-1/4” ) thick quartz countertops that is about 30% higher than 20mm (3/4”).


Edges are also the factor to the total costs of the countertops, as a project’s countertops have many linear feet edges to be finished. Simply using the Standard Edge finishing like Eased, Flat Polished -the most popular and cost saving. Below is the standard edge options.

Laminated or Mitered and special edges may be beautiful, but they are more expensive than 20mm eased edges.

Other points are:

1, Use Top Mount sinks as the sink cutouts are cheaper but a little bit;

2, Use standard sinks as the cost is cheaper with wholesales costs, or buying directly from Asia;

3, Use kitchen standard countertops instead of Islands, as it may reduce the containers’ shipping costs.