If you are looking for Cheap Granite Countertops for your projects, then China granites are the best choice. We are China granite countertop manufacturer and fabricator in Xiamen, China since 2009.

The Reason why your buying China Granite Slabs to make into countertops,will be more expensive than buying finished countertops made in China directly?

*The labor cost is one reason;

*Other reason is we cut the blocks to size but not big slabs. 

… The cutting cost from blocks into big slabs is about $12 per m2 for 2cm slabs;

… but cut into size for standard widths (26″) is only $5 per m2 ($0.46 /sqft), islands will be a little higher cost. 

…So the difference is $7 per m2 ($0.65 /sqft) that is at least 20% higher per m2 for whole project.

Here is cheap granite countertops cost calculator for your reference:

You can expect the 2cm cut to size countertops at $3 per sqft FOB XIAMEN, and $3.5 per sqft for 3cm. Plus the edges (standard eased, not laminted or mitered edges) + sink cutout + sealing + rods with cost about 20% of countertops cost that is $0.6 per sqft. That means FOB XIAMEN price for finished cheap granite countertops is about $4 per sqft. 

Below are 4 china granites popular for cheap granite countertops with sufficient availability.

4 china granites
cheapest grey China granites for countertops

Other one grey for the cheap granite countertops is China Bala White, about 20% higher cost than above 4 granites. This is very off-white granite with round grains, here are some images to present.

bala white granite

The Bala White granite is with big grains (tabular crystal), and this material is more fragile compared to other four grey granites. The NEW LUNA PEARL with big flowers granite resolve this issue ! 

The New Luna Pearl granite is explored in end of year 2020. Its cost is much cheaper than Bala White but similar looking, and more compact ! So it’s rapid introdued in many projects for countertops. Here is a comparision picture of Bala White vs New Luna Pearl with big flowers.

new Luna Pearl (big flower) vs Bala White

If your projects require small grains or flowers, another Luna Pearl with small flowers are good chocie. It’s also the new granite explored in end of 2020 and as new for 2021! The New Luna Pearl with small flowers is also as the cheapest granite, same as Ivory White.

The below four China grey granites are of very close pricings and as the cheapest granites plus the Salt and Pepper granite.

new Luna Pearl (small flower) vs Ivory White
China granites _same pricings

There are other cheap granites with quarries closed -so with limited availability. Please go to Group 1 at our Granite Collection Page. Also check Group 2 if your projects use them, which are a bit higher costing than Group 1. Group 2 granites are Indian and Brazilian granites that are for cheap granite countertops.

Here is the best granite choice if you are looing for cheapest gold granite countertops -Giallo Fantasia Granite. It’s also called Sunset Gold Granite popular for 20+ years in the market. Giallo Fantasia is a China Gold Granite great for countertops. 

Giallo Fantasia granite tops


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