Yes, our factory have been operating since 2009 for 10 years, we have 2 lines for quartz slabs and full production line for cut to size countertops; And we add 2 new quartz slabs lines in 2017 and will start the production since January of 2019.

Our current 10 years old factory covers about 6,500 square meters (70,000 sqft ) for slabs pressing, and another 7,000 square meters (75,000 sqft) for cut to size fabrication area.

The 2 new slabs lines cover the area of about 5,000 square meters (54,000 sqft).

We focus on the custom countertops and bath products (shower glass doors, shower surrounds and pans) projects for North American market, so our main markets are USA and Canada. We also export to UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and so on for high end market.

10 years manufacturing experience working into North America market needs quality products to keep long term cooperation and new market development. We mostly supply to high star hospitality / hotel projects.

Our slabs might be a little more expensive as we use real high quality raw materials and resins, because we work for high end projects. But because we press each slabs based on the best usage  yield of the projects, so our FINAL costs of cut to size Countertops are more competitive.

Yes, we can get the breakdown drawings for your from the floor plan and make our own CAD drawings + PDF drawings for your approval and production using, this needs about 2-12 hours based on the projects complexity.

Yes, our most percentage of projects are using matching colors from international brands to save the costs. We do the color matches in 2-5 days.

Bayroca seek long term cooperation based on win-win mutual benefit. We have full strict quality control system to ensure the best quality at each production step from raw material inspection into final packing and loading. In case, the products are broken upon arrival, we will firstly have full communication to get the quickest reaction to know who are in charge of it, if it’s the issues from our company, BAYROCA will undertake the responsibility and at first time to work out the solutions to fix it.

However, if the issues are from our clients themselves from like unloading, improper moving, Bayroca will NOT be responsible for it.

We provide drawings, design-to-realization possibilities research, estimation, samples submittal, mock up fabrication, bulk order fabrication and delivery, goods arrival costs & safety solutions!

Bayroca always seeks long term cooperation partners, we are always doing our best to give best prices based on quality products and on-time delivery. We think the mutual development is from sufficient communication with each other to understand each other, like us as vendor our materials availability and costs floating, clients’s market changing and new trend, this leads both to work out solutions for new future.

Work together, build future together!