White Granite countertops are liked more and more for the kitchen and bathroom, that make a brighter space look.

The Cheap China Granites mostly are of grey white colors. Meanwhile, the White Granites for countertops are mainly from India and Brasil. The below 4 white granites are the most common but popular ones with large quantity for countertops:

*White Rose Granite from Brasil;

* Kashmir White from India;

 *Moon White from India;

*Viscount White from India ( China has similar one much cheaper).


The above white granite countertops have been flooding into the market due to affordable pricings for the kitchen countertops. Market was seeking something new white but different,  the Andromeda White and Bianco Antico came. These two granites have become the best selling two white granites for countertops in the recent years.

Andromeda White granite is a white granite from Sri Lanka, that is white with movements and spots. It has two types -one with green background and other one whiter background but with gold spots.

andro & antico
andromeda white granites

These White Granites for countertops are very popular, why?

*one reason is they are white granites;

*other reason is they are veined granites, especially the Andromeda White, the veins go through the surface.

 Other similar pricing range white granite with veining and movements is New River White Granite. It’s of a little bit grey background but veins are good.

New River White countertops

The above 6 white granite countertops are popular for multifamily and hospitality projects. The below four white granites are more exotic! Meanwhile they are with higher costs -Alaska White, White Galaxy, Ice Blue and Aran White, that are all Brazilian granites. 

These 4 white granites for countertops are with chips that need to be treated carefully to get quality countertops. Bayroca is professional countertops fabricator export for 10+ years experience, we are good at it.

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