Stone Slabs

Bayroca manufacture and source different kinds of natural marble, granite, quartzite and onyx slabs, the rich available
surface are polished, honed, or leathered and so on.

With our own made slabs and first-hand sourcing from the factories, we are able to get the right materials based on
required quality under budget. Our team do the quality control per each slab.For projects’ slabs, we could select the right sized slabs to get the best usage so total projects can save the most.

We are your reliable sourcing agent for some new materials and top quality slabs, as our sourcing team are around the
market every day, we have the freshest information to have the picky and qualified materials.

We will get the Nero Marquina slabs with single one line across the whole slab if you do not want two lines;We will go to many block stocks or quarries to get uniform similar patterns if you have strict control on the range.

Your trust to us is Our return!