Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

Cultured Marble vanity tops are widely applied into hospitality new projects and also renovations, due to its easy installation and also characters of preventing of moisture, mildew and bacteria. 

As the cultured marble vanity tops manufacturer in China, we Bayroca fabricate and export the Cultured Marble Vanity Tops with integral sinks (or call integrated sinks) to different hotel projects. Bayroca mainly offer white cultured marble vanity tops and shower walls and bases.

We offer custom cultured marble vanity tops with different styles based on your actual requirements. No matter if the cultured marble vanity tops have rectangle or oval sinks, no matter if the vanity tops are of 12mm or 20mm, we can make for you.

cultured marble vanity top with oval integral sink
cultured marble vanity top with rectangle integral sink
12mm vanity tops & 20mm

Also the customization is presented on the splashes, lips and sinks, whatever if you want the splashes or lips or not need, no matter whatever if you want the standard flat sinks or recessed integral sinks, we can fabricate all for you.

small cultured marble vanity tops with integral sinks.
Cultured marble vanity tops with back splashes
Standard Vanity Tops and Recessed sinks
cultured marble with lips

Generally, we manufacture custom cultured marble vanity tops with integral sinks with below options:

  1. 1, Colors -mainly warm white and cold white;
  2. 2, Dimentions are customized (length 20″, 25″, 31″, 37″, 49″, 61″, 72″ etc., depth 19″, 22″ etc.);
  3. 3, Thickness 12mm or 20mm or others;
  4. 4, Splashes are needed or not;
  5. 5, Standard sinks or Recessed sinks or others;
  6. 6, Rectangle sinks or oval sinks;
  7. 7, Central faucet holes or offset holes;
  8. 8, With or without lips;
  9. 9, Single sinks or double sinks;
  10. 10, standard vanity tops or Banjo vanity tops;
  11. 11, Standard corners or with radius corners;
  12. 12, Rectangle vanity tops or Corner Tops.
cultured vanity tops with sinks

Besides the vanity tops made by Cultured Marble we offer to hospitality projects, we also produce cultured marble shower walls (shower surrounds) and shower Bases (Shower pans) to different hotel projects.

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