Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone has been booming these years for the application of Dining Table Tops,  Kitchen and bathroom Countertops, Walling and Shower Walls. It is made with high temperature 1200 degrees centigrade leading to a highly compact material with heat and stain resistance.

Bayroca’s family factory is the manufacturer of large format porcelain jumbo slabs (also called the sintered stone slabs). Our sintered Stone is produced by Italian Sacmi press and System inkjet, using main raw materials like feldspar, inks and glazes imported from Spain to ensure top quality products output.

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We fabricate the sintered stone countertops at 12mm (1/2″), 20mm (3/4″) with jumbo sized slabs 3200x1600mm (126″x63″). We also use the slabs with the colors we do not have, from the manufacturer with Italy machines, same machines as LAMINAM uses. We fabricate the countertops and table tops in our factory in Xiamen, China, that leads to the high standard quality of countertops and table tops.

Thin slabs at 6mm is good for large shower wall panels (shower surrounds)! As the jumbo sized 3200x1600mm is great for seamless shower walls. Meanwhile more colors options are available at standard size 2800x1600mm, 2800x1200mm, 1800x800mm and so on.

Comparad to quartz with standard thickness 20mm and 30mm, sintered stone (large format porcelain tiles) is normally with thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and so on, that fills the empty space for application with thin slabs by hard surface. And the cost is cheaper than quartz.


For some colors, 3mm thick sintered stone slab is available ! It’s good for the cabinet cover panel.

For table tops, we have different size options and thickness options but normally at 12mm and 15mm thickness.

We develop rich designs, covering the colors from traditional solid white, pure grey, solid black, to modern grey marble look colors, and also current hot spots Calacatta marble look designs.


Here we list some popular colors at jumbo sized slabs 3200x1600mm (126″x63″) -smaller sizes have more design options, but not limited to them: 

Sintered stone _ Statuario White _3200x1600mm
Sintered stone _ River White _3200x1600mm
Sintered stone _ Statuario Gold _3200x1600mm

More colors for jumbo size slabs 3200x1600x12mm are belows.

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jumbo size slab

More new colors with Textured (leathered) surface with size 3200x1600x12mm as below.

TEXTURED Sintered Stone China
Statuario Gold countertops