Granite has been widely used for the kitchen and bathroom countertops for multifamily and hospitality projects. As the leading granite countertops manufacturer and fabricator in China, Bayroca manufacture the granite slabs and fabricate the custom countertops for projects.

Whatever you are constructing new apartments or hotels, we can provide you the custom granite kitchen and bathroom countertops, table tops with custom sizes and thickness, edges, cutouts. 


As one of the famous granite countertops manufacturers and fabricators in China, Bayroca is located in Xiamen, China. Our city is the busiest seaport city for stone export and import, this allows our sufficient availability of granite blocks.

… The raw materials for immediate cutting (10-15 days for 1-2 containers) is available from us;

… Wide choices of granites with different colors from different countries.

… Full stock of blocks for selection for any projects using.


Whatever if you are looking for Cheap granite countertops mainly by China granites, or made by popular Brazilian Granites and Indian Granites, We make for you. We have wide ranges and always keep stocks of blocks of popular colors for large projects using. See more colors please check our Granite Collections.

Whatever if you are looking for exotic granites for countertops applied to special projects, we can get these granites for you that might be from Brasil, Europe or Africa.

Quality Control is our base to move forward ! From Raw materials selection, samples matching, CAD drawings, mock up to bulk order production, We have full STONE COUNTERTOPS OPERATION PROGRAM (SCOP). 

Your projects=Our Commitment !

Granite Kitchen Countertops

When you have Mutfi family or Apartment projects, the granite countertops are the first considered for the kitchen countertops due to wide collections with rich colors and patterns, also it’s durable and heat resistance. 

In recent years, the White Granite Countertops are more and more popular used in the kitchen countertops, this can make the space more bright. For special designs, the Green Granite Countertops are liked by some people. 

Meanwhile, many people still love the Black Granite Countertops or Gold Granite Countertops that are very classical and antique.

If you are looking for affordable granite countertops for limit budget projects, check our Cheap Granite Countertops colors that are mostly China granites.


kitchen countertops
bathroom countertops

Granite Bathroom Countertops

When you think granite to use for your bathroom vanity countertops, you might be thinking to be bright granites, that is also the recent years’ trend -to use White Granite Countertops or Gold Granite Countertops as the bathroom vanity tops.

We are custom Bathroom Granite Countertops fabricator in China, we do multi family, hospitality and commercial projects.

Granite Table Tops

Whatever you are looking for granite rectangle table tops or round table tops at custom dimension, we can produce for you.

Wide ranges of granite colors for the grarnite countertops please go to our Granite Collection page.

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