BAYROCA  affords quality warranty to our clients based on long term business operation and cooperation.

1、Ensure the arrival products unbroken or intact, that will be approved by the pictures of products, packing and loading. If any broken issues happen and the buyers have the pictures to approve, Bayroca will undertake the responsibility.

However, if any issues happen from the buyers, such as improper unloading, workers’ mistake or improper crate opening ways, Bayroca will not shoulder the responsibility.

2、Quartz products gives 10 years’ warranty to ensure the colors uniformity, but special low costing for special clients or markets are not ensured, which will be noticed before ordering.

3、Delivery –Bayroca is specialized in the projects, the on-time delivery matters everything of a project, we fully care about the importantce and keep our words to give real delivery time. 

4、Quartz / Glass colors in record will be available same as previous shipments, but slight difference needs to be considered to be shown due to many factors impact during production.